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What is Drum Corp: VIRTUAL?

An online rhythm-fitness-movement program designed to activate your mind and activate your body. The 30-lesson training course is a progressive training series that builds mental agility, coordination, and overall fitness.

What do I need to participate?

A cardboard box, 2 wooden spoons, and a phone…..or a bunch of other at-home ‘equipment’ (A bucket is ideal as a drum)

How does the class work?

“I play something, you play it back to me”. It’s that easy.

How much is it?

Refer to the ‘Pricing’ Section

Who can do it? Who is it suitable for?

Literally, everyone. Especially anyone looking to activate their mind, activate their body, get an endorphin rush, and come alive.

When and Where do I access lessons?

Anytime, Anywhere. It’s Virtual!

I don’t know anything about music

You don’t have to. Our teaching methods are universal, and require no prior knowledge of any thing.

I don’t know anything about “technology”

That’s fine…Our platform was built for ease of use. Stream lesson videos on your phone, computer, laptop, iPad, or even screen mirror on TV or projector.

I am not fit/I do not want exercise

It don’t matter. Go as hard…or as soft…as you want.

What countries have access to it?

All countries.
While teaching methods are universal, we have yet to translate to languages other than English. Want it delivered in your language?
Click here to request a translation.

Can I use a Creative Kids Voucher?